About OceanTech Asia Pacific

OceanTech Asia Pacific (OAP) provides strategic venues for marine engineers, technologists, industrialists and scientists to facilitate the development, strengthening and exchange of new solutions – technologies and methodologies.


To facilitate sustainable utilization of oceanic resources to address contemporary economic and societal challenges:

  • Augmenting and maintaining environmentally sound human habitats, food supplies, energy resources and transportation
  • Upgrading, development and transfer of new instruments, tools and methodologies for further marine research and discovery.

About OceanTech Program 2021 (OT 2021)

About OceanTech Program 2021 (OT 2021): May 19 -21, Zhejiang University Ocean College Campus, Zhoushan, China

Inaugurated with OT 2019 in May and headed by Zhejiang University's Ocean College, OT 2021 is a biennial event anchored by the 5th edition of the China Ocean Technology Conference. OT 2021 is purposely created to provide a unique comprehensive site for live demos, training and exhibits to illustrate a wide range of commercialized technological solutions to a spectrum of contemporary marine challenges.

tank demo

Challenges are being met with newer and evolving marine technologies incorporating ever increasing degrees of autonomy and machine learning to propel the world’s ocean economy applicable in every possible area, including:

• Offshore wind power, tidal energy, wave energy, green hydrogen production and other new energy sources
• Offshore platforms for new and traditional energies extraction and productions
• Coastal engineering for rising sea levels
• Ports and river systems integration
• Distant water fishing and fish farming,
• Bathymetric surveying; mapping
• Ocean sensing and measuring from satellites, aerial vehicles, surface, underwater and seafloor vehicles